Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May Mayhem

Hey folks!

I don't have a new review for you today (though I suppose I COULD if I forced the issue), but I DID want to let you all know that May was the highest-traffic month in the history of this or any other blog I've written (at least as far as I'm aware). Thank you all so much for reading!

Now, the numbers themselves—which I'm not going to share, though I'm sure you could find them if you're so inclined— are certainly modest and wouldn't be worth a ton of excitement if this were a real website and not just the blog of an avid film and TV fan. But as the site IS a small, personal, thing, it pleases me to no end that you all check in here and listen to my opinions about movies and TV shows and other such ephemera.

As I hope you can tell, there's very little I enjoy more than watching movies and TV series that are new to me. And to be able to bring you all along on that journey is a great pleasure. If I've ever gotten any of you to consider a movie or show that you'd otherwise likely never have watched, then I've achieved my ambition.

So thanks again for reading, and I hope to have a few more posts for you this week. I am once again adjusting to a change of location and settling into a viewing schedule that fits the new mold, so things may be a bit scattershot. I'll still try to get something up here most days if I can. Hope to see you around!

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