About the Site

FAQs (in the style of a British policeman)

What's all this, then?

This is a site I originally started in 2009 as an all-purpose blog. Slowly, however, I came to realize that all I ever wrote here were media-related posts, so I decided to eliminate all of the other chaff and keep the delicious, film-and-TV-flavored wheat. Then, I promptly ignored the site until July 2010, when I revived it with the promise of more frequent updates. This has gone about as well as you might think. Sometimes I'm here, sometimes I'm not!

And who might you be?

I'm a writer, editor and informal critic, currently working just to get by here in my native New England. I have a BA in English and an MA in Film Studies, with my MA thesis topic being Snakes on a Plane. I like to indulge my crushing Netflix addiction by writing about film and TV here as the fancy strikes me. I also write inappropriate humor pieces and post them on my other blog, Word Salad Shooter, and occasionally pen children's stories about things like hobos and urban anomie (as one does).

What d'you think you're doin' here?

I'll be posting about a few regular topics as well as smaller features and one-off essays and reviews. The most recent recurring topic was my weekly recap and analysis of Doctor Who Season 6. I know... that was a while ago. Maybe I'll restart episodic reviews if I ever again get cable and a DVR.

I also intend to post about whichever TV series I'm getting from Netflix at any given time. I tend to watch full seasons of serialized shows, one disc at a time, and then take a break between seasons to watch something shorter or less serialized. Lately, I haven't been as good at doing this (or any other writing), but I'm trying to be better about it!

And, aside from the occasional essay or more in-depth review, I also post things tagged "FI," which stands for "First Impressions." These are capsule reviews of the various movies I watch each week, formerly cross-posted from the unreliable Netflix Facebook app.

You'll be 'earing from us.

That's not a question! But to get in touch with me, just leave a comment. If you want to request a topic, make a recommendation, or just hear my thoughts about a movie or TV show,just ask! You can find me on Twitter at
@anhonestghost, or leave a comment here and I'll see it eventually.