Saturday, August 14, 2010

FI: Time Out

Time Out is a film that feels strangely of our time, despite its having been released nine years ago. Vincent (played by Aurélien Recoing) is a husband and a father of three who is laid off from his long-time job, but does not tell his family. Instead, he pretends he has quit his last job in favor of a better one in Switzerland. To continue supporting his family, he attempts a Madoff-esque Ponzi scheme, and even joins a smuggling outfit, all the while inventing deeper and deeper stories to cover for himself to his friends and relations.

A deep and meditative look at how our identities are tied to our jobs, Time Out raises interesting questions about modern man's relationship to the corporate world: If we're so easily removed and replaced from our jobs, what is our value at home? Will our loved ones abandon us in the same way? Most importantly, are we prepared to face who we are WITHOUT a job to define us, or must we invent ourselves a new career behind which to hide?

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