Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Programming Note

Rather than taking the time to write up an extensive review of every movie I watch, I've decided to cross-post the short blurbs I write upon rating a film at Netflix. These are also often reposted on Facebook, so some of you may have already seen them there, though they don't always make it -- the app is faulty and no longer supported.

Reposting these here will mean fewer frantic accounts of my impressions will be lost to a glitchy application. It also saves me the guilt I'd feel if I started the doomed-to-fail precedent of fully reviewing each of the things I watch or stream over Netflix, while still allowing me to give you a peek at my thoughts (which would otherwise have remained private) about movies I don't feel the inclination to explore in depth.

These mini-reviews will be titled and tagged under a new heading: FI, for First Impressions. The first of them will be going up later this evening.

Now back to your irregularly-scheduled programming :-P

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